Blueprint 3.3 has been working with top corporate brands, NPOs, industry bodies and public institutions in South Africa (SA) for the last 4 years, both in the supply and demand side of industry. We assist them with strategy, surveys and research.

Strategy: We work with business, NPOs and industry bodies with crafting a comprehensive and holistic strategy for: their business as a whole, their business development, marketing (for both B2B or labour market audiences), and their HR departments (talent: acquisition, development and management).

Surveys: We help corporates and SMEs, both supply and demand side, with: developing high quality surveys; distributing them to market through a multi-channel approach; ensuring maximum participation; aggregating and analyzing the data; and converting it all into an engaging report and/or presentation (whether for internal use or as part of a market engagement strategy).

Research: We assist a range of organisations, in the private and public sectors, with research and analysis in business and socio-economic matters, including: B2B and business development; human capital – including talent attraction, development, management; consumer trends, especially for mobile computing and digital media and e-commerce; the role public policy in entrepreneurial and economic development.

As the great Jay-z once said: What more can I say? Well, quite a bit actually, including about what we specialize in and how we go about doing it. For all this and more about Blueprint 3.3 check out the rest of our website: ‘Who We Are’ and‘What We Do’  pages.