Blueprint 3.3 has been working with top corporate brands, NPOs, industry bodies and public institutions in South Africa (SA) for the last 4 years, in both the supply and demand side of industry. We assist them with strategy, surveys and research.

Strategy: We work with business, NPOs and industry bodies with crafting a comprehensive and holistic strategy for: their business as a whole, their business development, marketing (for both B2B or labour market audiences), and their HR departments (talent: acquisition, development and management). We are committed to the practice of Good Strategy. We do this by ensuring that we working with you to help you gain a greater understanding of the landscape that you operate in, which we do by simplifying the overwhelming complexity of the marketplace and by identifying the key leverage points that can form your key strategic priorities and inflection points. In doing this, we help you to succeed in what you do by bringing into focus where you’ll get the greatest returns for your attention and resources. Our strategy development services are supported by our work in surveys and research.

Surveys: We help corporates and SMEs, both supply and demand side, with: developing high quality surveys; distributing them to market through a multi-channel approach; ensuring maximum participation; aggregating and analyzing the data; and converting it all into an engaging report and/or presentation (whether for internal use or as part of a market engagement strategy). We can help you with this entire process or any one part of it, including ensuring high market participation rates for a survey that you’ve developed yourself. For example, one client whom we assisted with their national industry survey had an excellent response and participation rate from corporates: of whom 71% of the participants were from our network and the requests we sent out for participation.

Research: We assist a range of organisations, in the private and public sectors, with research and analysis in business and socio-economic matters, including: B2B and business development; human capital – including talent attraction, development, management; consumer trends, especially in the consumerization of mobile computing and digital media, as well as the implications of these disruptive trends for business strategy and operations; the role public policy in entrepreneurialism and economic development. As well as providing internal reports for your executive and management, we can produce whitepapers and other thought leader marketing content for your clients, customers and stakeholders. Naturally, our research service supports our work in strategy development.

We apply these three core disciplines to assisting clients and their stakeholders in the following ways:

  • Thought leader suppliers and NPOs in their B2B business development, particularly those engaged in the human capital supply-chain.
  • Corporate employers to position their brand as an Employer-of-Choice to the labour market in SA, as well as integrating their online and offline marketing activities to support their brand in this aim.
  • Public institutions and industry bodies looking to engage with there stakeholders, as well as understand their marketplace better, and assisting them developing interventions aimed at addressing systemic marketplace, economic development and employment challenges.

In the human capital space, we have a particular passion and focus on talent: talent acquisition, talent development, and talent management.

For more about Blueprint 3.3’s strategy, surveys, and research services, see our ‘Portfolio’ page.